Trees beautify our surroundings, but they can sometimes become hazards. If you’re unsure about what to do when a tree falls, here’s a guide to help you navigate the situation.

1. Safely Evaluate the Situation

The instant you notice a tree has toppled in your yard, your first step should be to assess the situation from a safe distance. If there’s a sudden power outage or you feel a jolt, the tree might have hit a power line. Glance out a window to understand the scope of the damage. If the tree has compromised your home’s structure, it’s best to evacuate immediately. Always prioritize your safety.

2. Contact a Professional Tree Service

Once you’ve confirmed the safety of everyone involved, it’s essential to connect with a tree service expert. Although challenging weather might introduce some waiting time, a swift response can expedite the removal of the tree. In your conversation about what to do if a tree falls in your yard, be thorough in describing the dimensions of the tree, its variety, and its specific location. Such details are invaluable for their preparation. Furthermore, it’s beneficial to be informed about permits and permissions for tree removal, ensuring a smooth process.

3. Get in Touch With Your Insurance Provider

Once you’ve spoken to a Johns Creek tree service for tree removal, it’s time to inform your insurance company. Furnish them with a comprehensive account of the event, highlighting any damages to your property. They might ask for photographs, so it’s a good idea to have clear pictures of the affected areas.

4. Secure Your Property

As you await the professionals, take proactive steps to safeguard your home if it has been damaged. If you decide to leave, ensure all entry points, like doors and windows, are locked. Use boards or other sturdy materials to cover any breaches in your home, like broken windows, to prevent further damage from the elements or wildlife. Always remember: safety first. Never attempt to remove the tree yourself or approach any downed power lines.

5. Plan for the Future

Trust the professionals to manage the tree removal process. Once the tree has been safely removed, it’s wise to consider steps to prevent similar incidents in the future. This could mean taking down trees that pose a risk or scheduling regular tree maintenance.

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