Arboriculture and landscaping design go hand in hand. A lot of land development projects integrate trees and shrubs as an essential visual feature since they enhance the attractiveness of a structure or landscape. Having said that, without the proper development planning and upkeep, trees could be a risk to safety.

Developing structures around trees may be challenging. Plants and foliage which already appear in areas which are being developed have to be examined for overall health. Trees could possibly get hit by heavy construction machinery and be harmed. Regardless if they stay standing, their structural integrity will have already been jeopardized and can ultimately cause damage to a building at a later time.


Construction sites therefore reap the benefits of arboriculture support that includes tree inspection, protection and preservation plans. By doing this, they are able to work around trees without damaging them.

In areas that have severe weather, extreme winds may cause a tree’s branches to break and hit individuals, cars or buildings, and become road hazards. This is especially true in places that the roadsides are lined with trees and shrubs. In some instances, the danger could be reduced by selecting tree varieties that could stand up to severe weather conditions. Arboriculture should thus be considered throughout road planning.

Foliage which already exist around homes, structures, parks as well as other areas visited by a lot of individuals need to be frequently inspected. They might already display the signs of decline and failure that the inexperienced eye might not recognize. Trees which are put through inappropriate maintenance can also become dangerous. For example, a tree whose crown gets in the way of utility lines could get trimmed. This could bring about decay and tree failure and may result in damage of property if the tree drops.

With appropriate inspection, tree maintenance and arboriculture support, tree hazards could be detected and avoided. Keeping trees healthy will guarantee that they remain an attractive part of the landscape for many years.

Residential Tree Consulting Services

Our certified arborists can also provide professional arboriculture and tree services in Cumming. We can examine your property and let you know which trees will work best both aesthetically and as far as growing will go. You want a tree that is strong, durable, resilient, and beautiful!