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Professional tree care for optimal health, safety, and beauty. Customized solutions crafted to meet your specific tree care requirements.

Certified Arborists

Certified Arborists

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

Superb clean up

Superb clean up

100% satisfaction is guaranteed

100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Professional Tree Care Service Canton, GA

Do you require tree care in Canton, GA?  Are your trees looking a little worse for wear, or in need of a bit of care?  Acorn Tree Care has a team of knowledgeable ISA-certified arborists to help with everything from tree pruning, and trimming, to full removals.  Whether you know exactly what you need or have no idea where to start our professional tree care is unmatched!  We offer free proposals to get you started.  

Our tree service professionals, owned and run by Certified Arborist Clint Harris, would welcome the opportunity to work with you and be your chosen tree service. We will work tirelessly to gain and maintain your business. Acorn Tree Care takes pride in being experienced workers and professionals. Customer service, reputation, and arboriculture knowledge are at the top of our priority list. The Better Business Bureau has given us an A+ rating. Our objective is straightforward: “we exceed our clients’ expectations!” We are completely insured, and each proposal includes a valid certificate of insurance as well as a list of residential and business references. Among our services are:

Tree Removal & Trimming in Canton, GA

We pride ourselves in providing on-time professional tree removal and trimming services, no matter the situation. Whether you need your existing trees pruned, a tree removed from your property, or a felled tree taken out of the way, Acorn Tree Care will help you. Thanks to our hard work and diligence, we’ve been able to lead the way in tree removal in Atlanta for over 40 years.

Whether you need one tree trimmed, removed, or maintained for, our tree service professionals are properly trained, experienced, and know how to get the job done professionally. We are the expert tree service in Cumming to call when it comes to technical and risky tree removal! We have all of the necessary tools to do the tree removal task safely and promptly. Our crane helps make the more difficult tasks considerably safer for both our crew and your home’s safety.


Tree Removal


Tree removal that is both safe and effective in order to avoid property damage or personal injury.

Tree Pruning


Maintain the condition and structure of your trees with our tree pruning service



Consult with one of our professional arborists about the health and appearance of your trees. Collaborate with them to identify problems and propose solutions.

Emergency Tree Removal


Our emergency response team is readily available around the clock to deal with any unexpected situations or tree emergencies 

Tree Inspection


Do you have no idea what’s wrong with your tree?  Our licensed and insured arborists will be able to tell you what’s wrong.

Tree Trimming


Remove limbs that are in the way of windows, gutters, or chimneys without hurting the tree.

FAQ about Tree Service in Canton, GA

What time of year is best for tree service?

The best time of year for tree service is determined mostly by the type of service required.  The majority of works may be completed in late winter, when the coldest weather have gone, or in early spring.

How much of a tree can you trim at a time?

Trimming ⅓ of the healthy wood at a time when trimming a tree as less will not have much of an effect, but more than that will likely stunt the growth of the tree.

What are the benefits of hiring an arborist?

The most significant advantage is knowing you have a professional helping you with your trees.  Any reputable licensed certified arborist will be able to tell you how healthy the tree is, what could be wrong with it, and how to care for your tree the best manner possible.

What are the signs that a tree needs to be removed?

Dead branches dropping randomly, leaves no longer growing on it, a broken trunk, or visible storm damage are all symptoms.  If you are unclear if your tree should be removed, contact us immediately for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Us ?

Our Mission


Our mission is to help your trees grow to their fullest potential, healthy and strong, and through tree removals, tree pruning and plant health care, ensure a beautiful treescape that complements landscape and structures in commercial, residential and recreational areas.

What We Do


Clint Harris became co-owner of Acorn Tree Care as a second generation arborist since he shared his dad’s love of the outdoors. As an Atlanta Certified Arborist, Clint is trained in the art and science of tree removal, pruning, planting, and advising customers on arboriculture needs.

Locally Owned

Locally Owned

As a locally owned comprehensive tree care company, we offer a variety of arboriculture services, from tree removal to conservation. Our passion lies in crafting stunning treescapes, ensuring the health and beauty of your trees.


Tree Removal Service

From precise pruning to emergency tree removal, we’ve got your trees covered.
Serving All of Cumming Georgia


At Acorn Tree Care, our certified arborists provide free proposals on tree removal and tree pruning

What services do you need?

Tree Service in Canton, GA

At Acorn Tree Service, we are dedicated to safeguarding the enduring well-being, safety, aesthetics, and value of the trees within your property.

Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t suit every property, community, manager, or company, we emphasize the creation of personalized solutions for each of our valued clients. Our primary objective is to contribute to your success, achieved by crafting recommendations tailored to address your unique priorities.

We stand ready to alleviate your concerns and facilitate your success – we are your trusted tree care partner!