The pruning of your trees improves and maintains the overall health, appearance and safety of a tree. Through pruning, we remove limbs that interfere with windows, gutters and chimneys. We are experts in tree pruning making proper pruning cuts. Owner Clint Harris is a Certified Arborist and is also Tree Risk Assessment Qualified. We remove injured or weak limbs that pose the potential for storm damage, and limbs that are diseased or insect infested. In other words, pruning is the removal of dead or dying limbs, limbs that obstruct visibility. Pruning also promotes the natural growth habit of the tree.

Types of Pruning:

Makes cuts to remove dead, dying, diseased or conflicting limbs.

Lifts the lower limb level of a tree for higher foliage.

Reduces the overall height of a tree for aesthetic enhancement and safety.

Prunes trees to help promote strong structure and improved symmetry.

Prunes trees to enhance a view, such as the view to your home or from your home to other features of your landscape. As an example, this type of pruning will enhance distinctive views to golf courses and lakes.

Thins trees in their interior, most commonly to provide more sunlight exposure to the landscape under the canopy.
Our pruning meets ANSI standards, and we never use spikes. Spikes can cause aesthetic damage to the tree trunk, as well as leave an introduction point for insects and disease.

Tree Canopy Thinning

Canopy reduction includes many different types of pruning and trimming. Typically, it is implemented on mature treescapes to provide the sunlight needed for turf or other sun loving plantings, or to provide more air flow around your home. Canopy reduction can make your environment much healthier by cutting back on mosquito habitat, decreasing the humidity on your property, and alleviating mold and mildew problems associated with too much shade. Overall, this type of pruning improves the appearance of your home and property by bringing the trees back into proportion with your home, and by making the environment more hospitable.

Canopy reduction is one of our most gratifying services, because when our visit is complete, we know that we have added value to your home and property.

Tree Thinning

We use strategic thinning to remove branches and increase the sunlight reaching grassy areas to help other plants in the landscape flourish. We also thin trees to make room for more desirable tree species.