Tree ordinances Atlanta

Tree Ordinance of Atlanta

Below you will find the City of Atlanta Tree Ordinances. Acorn Tree Care makes the process of removing unwanted or dead trees from your property as simple and painless as possible. We have provided this as a reference for our tree service customers in the Atlanta/Fulton County area.

Atlanta/Fulton County Tree Removial Permiting Contact Information

City of Atlanta
Department of Planning & Community Development
55 Trinity Avenue
Suite 1450
Atlanta, GA 30303
Tel:  404.330.6070
Fax: 404.658.7638

History of Atlanta, GA

At each and every turn, rich Atlanta history is exposed through the folks and events which grew this settlement into a major international city. The streets you travel through Atlanta were worn from the Indians who first called this area home. The gorgeous and tranquil greenspaces once were the battlefields of a country torn apart in civil war. From the numerous train tracks crossing the region to the skyscrapers lining Peachtree Street to the world’s most popular airport, the history of two centuries of changing Atlanta, Georgia history unfolds. The spirit of Atlanta and also the ideals of our individuals mirror those of the brave and visionary frontrunners of our past and present.

This Atlanta history and timeline is stuffed with turning points which permanently changed the city, the nation and the entire world.

1821:  Permanent settlers started moving to previous Creek Indian lands which would eventually be metro Atlanta.

1837:  The region now including the city was selected as the site for a brand new railway terminus connecting Georgia with Chattanooga, TN and points west, such as the Chattahoochee and Tennessee Rivers.  The city was named “Terminus,” and the termination point has become Five Points in downtown Atlanta.

1843: “Terminus” had been re-named “Marthasville” in honor of Martha Lumpkin, daughter of Georgia Gov. Wilson Lumpkin.  The town spread out surrounding the train depot.

1845:  “Marthasville” ended up being re-named “Atlanta,” a feminine form of Atlantic, most likely brought to life by Steven Harriman Long, a Western & Atlantic Railroad engineer.

1847: Atlanta was incorporated as a city.

The Code | City of Atlanta Tree Ordinances

Web Site – Buffer, Landscape, and Tree Ordinance
View PDF – City of Atlanta Tree Ordinance

Tree Emergency Contacts

As always in the case of any real emergency please get off of the internet and dial 911. Otherwise, here are links and phone numbers of  people that can help.

With any emergency, please assess the situation. For non-emergency police assistance use this number

City of Atlanta Police Department

Atlanta Public Safety Annex
3493 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy, N.W.
Atlanta, Ga. 30331.

Police Information – (404) 614-6544
Public Affairs – (404) 546-6873


Powerlines are often damaged and the power company must be notified as soon as possible.These are the contact numbers for the power companies that service Fulton County.Georgia Power: 888-660-5890
Jackson EMC:  770-963-6166
Sawnee EMC:  770-887-2363
Walton EMC:   770-972-2917 your Insurance company. Most Homeowners policies cover damage from falling trees, be sure to call your agent as soon as possible.Contact your local Arborist. Don’t have one? Thats ok, now you do.