Tree ordinance suwanee

Tree Ordinance of Suwanee

Below you will find the SuwaneeTree Ordinances. Acorn Tree Care makes the process of removing unwanted or dead trees from your property as simple and painless as possible. We have provided this as a reference for our tree service customers in the Suwanee area.

Suwanee Tree Removial Permiting Contact Information

Gwinnett County, Georgia
Department of Planning & Development
446 West Crogan Street, Lawrenceville, GA 30045

History of Suwanee, GA

Suwanee started out as an Indian community about 3 miles southwest of the present-day downtown region along the banks where Suwanee Creek runs into the Chattahoochee River. For centuries before the start of the Town of Suwanee, a big Indian village prospered on both sides of the river. The village had been initially settled by Shawnee Indians, but later, according to U.S. government files, both Cherokee and Creek Indians came to the region they termed as Suwanee Old Town. The village/town is found on maps showing land ceded to the U.S. government from the Cherokees in 1817 and the Creeks in 1818.

There are numerous accounts concerning the naming of the City of Suwanee. One implies that Suwanee is an Indian phrase which means “echo” while another maintains that it is the Creek term for Shawnee. Yet another account credits the name to the first white settlers’ way of saying the word “Shawnee.” In either case, the name Suwanee seems to be closely tied to the City’s Native American culture.

The federal government acknowledged Suwanee as a town when the Suwanee Post Office was set up in 1838.

The Code | Gwinnett County Tree Ordinances

Web Site – Buffer, Landscape, and Tree Ordinance
Download PDF– Gwinnett County Buffer, Landscape and Tree Ordinance & Handbook

Tree Emergency Contacts

As always in the case of any real emergency please get off of the internet and dial 911. Otherwise, here are links and phone numbers of  people that can help.

With any emergency, please assess the situation. For non-emergency police assistance use this number

Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department
2900 University Pkwy. NE
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Powerlines are often damaged and the power company must be notified as soon as possible.These are the contact numbers for the power companies that service Suwanee.

Georgia Power: 888-660-5890
Jackson EMC:  770-963-6166
Sawnee EMC:  770-887-2363
Walton EMC:   770-972-2917

Contact your Insurance company. Most Homeowners policies cover damage from falling trees, be sure to call your agent as soon as possible.

Contact your local Arborist. Don’t have one? Thats ok, now you do.