Tree Ordinance Alpharetta

Tree Ordinance of Alpharetta

Below you will find the Alpharetta Tree Ordinances. Acorn Tree Care makes the process of removing unwanted or dead trees from your property as simple and painless as possible. We have provided this as a reference for our tree service customers in the Alpharetta area.

Alpharetta Tree Removal Permitting Contact Information

Alpharetta City Hall
2 South Main Street,
Alpharetta, Georgia 30009

Phone: 678-297-6000
Fax: 678-297-6001

History of Alpharetta, GA

From the North Georgia mountain tops to the Chattahoochee River alongside a Cherokee Indian trail, a small village known as New Prospect Camp Ground was created. This village, comprised of tents, a log school, and arbor became a buying and selling post where Indians and white settlers traded their goods. The nearby countryside offered superb farming land, particularly for cotton. On December 11, 1858, the town had been chartered and became the county seat of Milton County. The town had been re-named Alpharetta from the Greek terms “alpha” meaning first and “retta” which means town. In 1932, Milton County was combined into Fulton County.

Alpharetta and Milton County can easily track their historical past to the time of the resettlement of the Cherokee Indian Nation within the 1830’s. First, drawn by the promise of free Indian lands, a few relatively itinerant setters moved into the region. These very first pioneers had been quickly followed by permanent farmers and retailers who had been the privileged winners of the land lotteries of the early 1830’s.

The very first permanent landmark in the region was the New Prospect Campground, sometimes called the “Methodist Camp Ground”. This campground was situated alongside a natural spring just north of the current “downtown” area of Alpharetta. A “Camp Meeting” in that period was the social and cultural highlight of the season for the families residing on remote farms with very few travel options.

The Code | Alpharetta Tree Ordinances
Web Site – Buffer, Landscape, and Tree Ordinance
Download Forms- Alpharetta Tree Ordinance & Handbook

Tree Emergency Contacts

As always in the case of any real emergency please get off of the internet and dial 911. Otherwise, here are links and phone numbers of people that can help.

With any emergency, please assess the situation. For non-emergency police assistance use this number

Located at:
Alpharetta Police Department
2565 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009
Phone: (678) 297-6302
Fax: (678) 297-6311

Powerlines are often damaged and the power company must be notified as soon as possible.These are the contact numbers for the power companies that service Alpharetta.

Georgia Power: 888-660-5890
Jackson EMC: 770-963-6166
Sawnee EMC: 770-887-2363
Walton EMC: 770-972-2917

Contact your Insurance company. Most Homeowners policies cover damage from falling trees, be sure to call your agent as soon as possible.

Contact your local Arborist. Don’t have one? Thats ok, now you do.