Maintaining the trees in your garden or yard can be an arduous task. It is not only for their health but also for the overall aesthetics. You may have heard of trimming and pruning, especially if you have trees or shrubbery in the yard. Both of these activities are crucial to healthy growth. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are quite different. The first thing to note regarding pruning vs. trimming is that the former involves removing diseased wood and thinning out stems to improve the plant’s health. Trimming, meanwhile, is the cutting back of tree material for aesthetics and functionality regarding the landscape. Sometimes, their functions overlap, but they are not the same.

Differentiating Tree Trimming vs. Tree Pruning

The largest difference between tree trimming and pruning is what you aim to accomplish. Pruning is related to removing live and dead branches for health purposes. Tree trimming is about removing branches that may interfere with its overall structure. Trimming can improve the tree’s appearance or result in a shape that was required for its intended use. It is primarily done for appearance purposes. When trimming, tree service experts will focus on removing green shoots, allowing for healthier growth. It may be considered more complex because pruning focuses on the health and functional aspects.

Knowing the differences between pruning and tree trimming is important, as each task serves a different objective. If you only cut the trees, they might become overgrown and unhealthy. However, solely pruning trees means they will not grow to be as lush as their potential. The best approach would be to implement both pruning and trimming concurrently so there is a balance.

How Pruning and Trimming Work Together

Though there are differences between trimming and pruning a tree, they can be done concurrently. If the tree needs some aesthetic attention, you can cut the misshapen and overgrown branches so it retains the shape. If the tree also has some diseased branches or pests, trimming and pruning would be required, but they can’t be done simultaneously. That would put too much stress on the tree. Pruning should be done in the winter months so that it can heal by the spring. However, trimming can be done after pruning to shape the new growth in a visually pleasing manner.

Equipment for Trimming and Pruning

Both activities have specific sets of assigned tools for safety and effective implementation. Experts will prefer an electric or gas-operated clipper for trimming trees. Pruning requires shears to cut the diseased tree parts. Both lopping and hand shears are utilized. Lopping shears are better to use for thick branches with space around them to maneuver, while hand shears are better for dense branches.

Acorn Tree Care—Your Local Tree Experts

Both pruning and trimming are technical undertakings and should be left to professionals. If you need assistance in determining which option you need for your trees, get in touch with us for tree pruning services in Cumming, GA, today.