Pruning is just one aspect of maintaining the overall health of a tree, but it’s an imperative one. By eliminating unhealthy and dead branches, enhancing airflow, and enabling more sunshine to reach lower limbs, pruning helps keep trees healthy. Below are some questions about the best time to prune trees.

What Is the Ideal Time to Prune My Trees?

Most types of pruning can be completed anytime of year. However, the best time of year to prune specific trees, can vary greatly based on the pruning objectives.

Do My Trees Really Need Pruning at All?

Pruning is a regular component of all tree and plant maintenance programs. Pruning trees correctly promotes growth, enhances overall tree health, boosts the curb appearance of your home, and can increase the yield of fruit and flowers. Most pruning will improve a tree’s general health. It effectively removes insect-infested, animal-infested, storm-damaged, and dead or dying branches. Late winter pruning helps the wound from pruning start to heal more quickly because it limits the time that fresh wounds are exposed before new growth starts. Pruning dormant trees can also make decisions simpler because fewer leaf obstacles exist. Trees planted for their foliage rather than their flowers should be clipped in the spring before growth begins.

Should I Have a Dying Tree Pruned?

If a tree is dying, its leaves will begin to wither and turn brown. Often, the tree will already have limbs or perhaps entire portions with few or no leaves. When hardwood trees lose the majority of their leaves in the extremities and develop numerous sucker shoots from the trunk, the tree is likely in grave distress and on the verge of dying. When deciduous trees are dormant, it can be challenging to spot them because they aren’t producing leaves. The tree’s overall appearance is drab and dismal, with peeling bark and discolored sections with a blue or greyish hue. If your tree is in this state, pruning will not save the tree. For the safety of your property, removal is advised.

Calling in the Tree Experts

If you need more information concerning pruning or would like to have your trees pruned, contact Acorn Tree Care. Our arborists must consider the types of trees and several other elements, like the impact of insects, the trees’ susceptibility to disease, and the surrounding landscape. Our experts in tree pruning in Cumming, GA, know how significant it is to maintain aesthetically pleasing trees on both private and public property. For this reason, we provide excellent tree pruning services to ensure your trees stay healthy and robust.