At times, it is difficult to identify how much damage a diseased tree has suffered to know what to cut. That is especially the case if you do not know how to identify the problem and are unsure if trimming will be beneficial. Dead or diseased branches do not mean the tree is beyond repair. However, because the dead branch is still connected to the tree, it is being negatively affected. In many cases, the tree is using much of its energy to revive the infected parts. The best approach is to remove the tree branch to save the tree. Read more to discover when to cut dead branches off trees.

Reasons to Remove Diseased Tree Branches

Safety is a key concern with weak or dead tree branches. The branches can fall on people or property, causing injuries and damage. Tree trimming, or pruning, removes dead wood that would otherwise fall during bad weather. Hence, pruned trees are less likely to have their branches broken when a storm occurs. It is best to have your trees inspected if you suspect a diseased tree. By cutting dead branches off trees, you are investing in the tree’s long-term health, and it is less likely to be damaged in bad weather.

Secondly, tree pruning is done for health purposes. Diseased branches cause undue stress to the rest of the system because of the energy spent to heal them. When we remove dead branches from the tree, resources can be redirected to areas with a higher priority. Doing so also increases the tree’s access to sunlight by removing overshadowing branches. More photosynthesis equals better growth.

Tree trimming of diseased branches can also be done for aesthetic reasons. Dead branches make the tree look weak and provide poor curb appeal. It can make the space look neglected even if that is not the case, reducing prospective property value. When we remove dead branches from the tree, it is done so the structure looks balanced and healthy. Even one healthy tree in front of your house may increase the potential sale price by thousands of dollars. That is more than enough reason why dead branches should be cut off trees.

Can Cut Branches Grow Back?

Tree branch removal might seem like a traumatic amputation, especially if it alters its appearance entirely, but it is necessary. If pruned correctly and in time, tree branches will not grow back. Instead, it will develop a callus over the cut, which protects it from becoming infected. Tree branches removed improperly will grow back but will be weaker. In turn, it causes more harmful effects on the tree, as the goal is to make it healthier and stronger over time.

Ask for Assistance With Dead Tree Branches

For those needing to cut off dead branches to help a tree, it is a delicate but crucial endeavor. Acorn Tree Care’s team of professionals can provide excellent services at affordable rates and are available anytime. If you need more information or want to do tree Trimming in Alpharetta, contact us today.