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Wood Products and Saw Mill Services

Wood Products and Saw Mill Services

Acorn Tree Care can provide you with a variety of saw mill services. Read on to learn more.

Portable Milling on Your Property

We can come to your home with a portable sawmill to turn storm-damaged branches and limbs into usable lumber. Instead of taking it to a landfill or chipper, you can take advantage or our services and turn your wood into something you can use in the fireplace, to build with, or for constructing your own furniture.

Rough Cut Lumber

This is wood that has been cut from a awmill from a large log. Whenever a log is sent through our portable sawmill, it is cut into pieces that can be used as boards, veneers, or dimensional lumber - can be used for framing homes or other types of buildings.

Furniture Grade Woods

Each tree has a different grade when it comes to the wood it can produce. If you have species on your property that can be used to build furniture, we can provide you with our portable milling services. You can make chairs, couches, tables, stands, shelves, and so on.

Live Edge Slabs

This kind of cut wood will give your home a "rustic" look. The slabs are rough, and feature the naturally-thick texture of the tree they came from. This wood can be used in furniture construction, or to make decorative pieces for the home.