Free Woodchip Delivery - Cumming GA

Free Wood Chips

When we are in your area and our customer does not want to keep their wood chips, we will bring them to you at no charge.

The area where the chips are going to be dumped needs to be clear, flat, and easy for a large dump truck to access, no overhanging wires or trees, no steep driveways.

The chips consist of the trees that we just removed. This can be a mix of hardwoods and pines.

There is no time frame, sometimes you can get them the next day, sometimes it can take a few weeks. It just depends on where we are working, where you live, and if we have any available.

The load size is approx 20 cubic yards.

If you would like to be added to our free wood chip list, please fill out our contact form and be sure to note where you would like the chips dumped.