During the summer, dealing with heat can be hazardous for your trees. Trees can potentially be in danger because of the heat. It is necessary to take the proper steps to combat the heat’s impact on your trees. Improper maintenance of your trees during the summer will result in their decline. Therefore, knowing when and how often to water trees in the summer is crucial for their growth.

Utilize Cool Morning Temperatures

Watering your trees early in the morning is best because the maximum water will make it through to the roots before evaporating. The ground and air in the morning are cooler and less evaporation occurs. Alternatively, if you are unable to water your trees in the morning, it is recommended you water them in the evening. It may still be light outside, but the warm temperatures will have started easing down. However, the watering has to be done early enough to allow the leaves to dry. If that is not done, your trees can be susceptible to fungi attack.

Administer the Right Quantity of Water

The amount of water used in maintaining trees is vital. Excessive watering of your trees can lead to root rot, whereas denying your trees water can cause dehydration. This will eventually lead to their decline. One reason to know how long to water trees in the summer is the balance of their water retention. Trees should have enough water to sustain their branches, leaves, and fruit, but not too much, as that could lead to decay. The rule of thumb is to water trees for two to three days while keeping an eye on the soil’s moisture below the surface. Very damp soil is a sign the trees have been exposed to too much water.

Use the Correct Equipment

Giving a tree too much or no water is a rookie mistake. For instance, employing the overhead method of water is an easy way to water your trees in hot weather, but a lot of water is lost due to evaporation. On the other hand, a garden hose is likely the easiest and most effective way to water your trees in hot weather, as it gives you the most control and allows water to soak into the roots of each tree.

Make Mulching Your Friend

The soil is protected from the summer’s severe heat by mulching, which insulates the soil. This method does an excellent job of holding water, which is crucial since it ensures the roots stay moist. Mulching aids in weed control, reduces root competition, and halts the process of soil compaction. While adding mulch can be beneficial, keeping it away from the tree’s trunk is crucial to avoid blocking water flow to the roots.

The Tree Experts

Daily watering is not the only factor when it comes to how often to water trees in the summer. Our years of experience in tree care have allowed us at Acorn Tree Service to find viable ways to preserve trees in hot weather. If you need tree service in Alpharetta, contact our offices today.