Trees can be a beautiful addition to any landscape. But when it’s time for them to go, their roots can be stubborn about leaving. Even after the main trunk is gone, tree roots can continue to grow and create problems. This article aims to provide easy-to-follow solutions on how to stop tree roots from growing back and reclaim your yard.

The Dangers of Neglecting Overgrown Roots

Leaving behind old tree roots can lead to several issues. Overgrown roots can disrupt paved areas and lawns and even pose threats to structures. If you’ve ever encountered uplifted sidewalks or a cracked foundation, the culprit could very well be old, forgotten tree roots. It’s not only about aesthetics but also the potential damage these roots can inflict.

Do Roots Continue to Grow?

Yes, they can! Some tree roots can grow even after the tree is gone. If these roots receive energy through sprouts or leaves, they thrive. So, if you notice new sprouts around a former tree area, there’s a good chance the roots are still active. Hence, understanding how to stop tree root sprouts is essential.

Gearing Up for the Task

If you opt to tackle the roots yourself, preparation is key. Equip yourself with safety gear, including goggles and gloves, to protect against potential hazards. Familiarize yourself with any tools you plan to use, and ensure the workspace is clear of obstructions.

Methods to Ensure Roots Don’t Regrow

  1. Homemade Remedies: Salt and boiling water can sometimes be as effective as chemical solutions. By drilling holes into the stump or tree surface roots and applying these substances, you might be able to halt the growth. Another option is vinegar. Like the other methods, drill holes and fill them with vinegar. If sprouts appear, spray them directly with vinegar.
  2. Chemical Herbicides: Chemical solutions like triclopyramine and glyphosate can be very effective. Always use them as directed and ensure personal safety by wearing the right protective clothing.
  3. Physical Removal: In some cases, physically digging out the roots is the best solution. This can be labor-intensive but ensures that you remove all problematic roots.

DIY or Go Pro?

While many of these methods can be attempted by homeowners, some situations are best left to professionals. If the roots are affecting plumbing or the structural integrity of buildings, it’s time to call a professional tree service in Dawsonville, GA.

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