When it comes to maintaining your home or property, certain things like inspecting your car or checking your home’s heating system are a no-brainer. However, have you ever stopped to think about the towering giants that share your space outside? Yes, we’re talking about your trees.

Just like any other asset, trees require regular check-ups to ensure their health and longevity. But how often you should get your trees inspected can sometimes be a grey area for most property owners.

Why Tree Inspections Are Vital

Imagine if you could spot a problem before it turned into a headache—that’s the power of a good tree inspection. Trees might seem sturdy and self-sufficient, but they can harbor silent issues that could spell trouble for you and your property. From diseases to structural weaknesses, a tree might look healthy on the outside but be struggling on the inside.

This is why inspections are essential for anyone wanting to take care of a tree properly. An arborist, with a trained eye for trouble, can spot signs of distress and take early action, saving you from future problems.

Determining the Frequency of Inspections

So, how often trees should be inspected is a common question, and the answer depends on several factors. The general rule of thumb is to give your trees a thorough once-over every three years.

If your region has been hit by extreme weather or you notice any signs of damage or disease, it’s time to call in a professional. An Alpharetta arborist would be well-versed in local tree species and climate-specific issues and could provide a tailored inspection schedule for your green companions.

What Happens During a Tree Inspection?

Are you curious about how often you need a tree inspection and what it entails? Well, it’s not just a quick glance at the leaves. A professional starts at the base, checking the root collar for any soil discrepancies or signs of fungal growth.

The inspection proceeds upwards, with the arborist methodically checking for cracks, loose bark, or hollow sections (signs of pests or diseases).

Types of Tree Inspections

There are different types of tree inspections. A tree walk-over survey is a surface-level check ideal for large areas with many trees. On the other hand, a full tree survey goes deeper, cataloging the condition of each tree for more intensive care environments. Lastly, for those hard-to-spot issues, a tree climbing inspection can be vital, allowing an expert to get up close and personal with the upper reaches of the tree.

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