The top priority of many gardeners when pruning their trees and shrubbery is to make the property look better, but there are many more advantages to be had. Pruning refers to selecting and removing particular areas of the tree or shrub, like branches, roots, or buds. The goal of pruning is to allow the tree to grow better and be healthier. However, this must be done at the right time while cutting in the right place. Think of it like a haircut that adds to the tree’s aesthetic and natural attributes. Here are other reasons why pruning is important.

Better Fruit Production

One reason why trees should be pruned is to increase their productivity. It reduces the energy spent on the lagging areas, which is redirected to those with potential, resulting in more fruit. It also gives more access to the canopy so light can penetrate and stimulate flower bud development.

Pruning Improves Tree Health

Like any living organism, trees can contract diseases that slow their growth. Diseased branches can sap energy from the tree, resulting in stunted development. Hence, we prune trees by removing the infected areas, resulting in better maturation.

Upgrade to Landscape Aesthetics

Tree pruning in Cumming is also for visual reasons, as it helps make the tree fit better with the surrounding landscape. That entails evening out the places where the tree is growing disproportionately. The tree becomes more symmetrical and adds to the ambiance of the yard.

Safer Outside Environment

Safety is also a significant reason why we prune trees. When storms occur, dead branches from the trees can fall during high winds, though the risk is not necessarily limited to weather conditions. Diseased branches may wither and fall on the yard or electrical lines, causing physical hazards to your home, children, and passersby.

Supports Wildlife Habitats

Pruning is also necessary as trees support life in all its forms. When neglected, they become infested or diseased, unfavorable to certain wildlife. Pruning cleans the trees and allows birds to set up viable shelters. It promotes healthy growing patterns so there is a diverse range of life.

Better Growth

Pruning trains new branches to grow, which helps strengthen the tree’s structure. It also adds balance by reducing stress on the roots. Stronger roots provide better chances of holding up during harsh storms or winters. The tree will be more balanced and adaptable to adverse weather.

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Increases Real Estate Value

Tree pruning adds intrinsic value to the real estate value, considering the aesthetic and functional advantages provided. A well-pruned yard appears more balanced and attractive to the eyes, adding to the curb appeal. This attention to detail can increase the property value by as much as 15 percent.

Removes Unwanted Growth

Like trimming, pruning also helps remove unwanted growth patterns. For example, you can limit the size of a tree depending on the yard. A giant maple or oak tree may not make sense for a small yard, so you can adjust it appropriately by pruning the roots and branches.

Look to the Experts for Tree Pruning

Pruning trees by cutting branches and roots needs a delicate touch. You must know when and how to do it. Fortunately, you can trust professionals like Acorn Tree Care. Contact us today!